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Let Me Show You Why Tens Of
Thousands Of Entrepreneurs
Just Like You
Are Currently Abandoning Their
Websites For Clickfunnels...
But first, let me share with you a quick story that will help you to understand what a sales funnel is, and more importantly, why YOU need one.
From: Russell Brunson
RE: Does ClickFunnels work for
If you're here, then you're likely selling physical products online.
Am I right?
But did you know that 4 out of 5 online stores fail within the first 24 months of going live?
The truth is…
Building An Ecommerce Store Is Easy.
(That’s Why Many People Start).
Making It Profitable Is Not.
(That’s Why So Many QUIT.)
Most Ecomm entrepreneurs source products and put them up on Amazon
(only to get lost in the sea of competitors who are doing the very same thing).
Or, they create their own ecommerce website…and start the waiting game.

If you build it, they will come... right?

Unfortunately for most online shop
owners like you, often it's just not true.
Traditional Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Can’t Sell Their Products Consistently…
(This is why...)
The #1 reason people struggle to build and scale their Ecommerce business is because they are focused on selling a product, rather than creating an irresistible offer.
When you sell a product the traditional way, you’re pinned against your competitors in a race to the bottom…
More often than not, whoever is the cheapest gets the sale...right?
Even if you drop your price to win the customer, there’s no margin left for advertising.
It’s the catch-22 that kills so many businesses:

You need customers to BUY your products, so you can create money for your business…

But you need to be able to spend money on advertising in order to
consistently bring new shoppers to your store!
So the Million-Dollar question becomes:
“How Can You Spend Enough Money To
Get A Steady Flow of NEW Customers To Your Online Store, and Yet ...
Still Remain Profitable?”
To help answer that question, let me first share a quick story that will help you to understand what a sales funnel is, and more importantly, why YOU need one:

Did You Know That Websites Are Nothing
More Than A Flashy Digital Brochure?

(Yep - even the “big-name” ones you probably have your products on…)

You’re probably a decent sales person…right?

BUT - your shopping cart website isn’t. :(

Which means...

Even if you’re good at generating leads, once you push them to the “anti-sales department” (A.K.A. - your shopping cart site) and they leave, that’s it.

They’re gone. (along with your chances of turning them into a customer).


It provides surface level information (like a brochure), and WAY too many similar options and distractions…

This is why so many customers can’t make up their mind, and don’t end up checking out.
If they are “shopping around” and aren’t focused on your product, they’ll leave your site, and you have NO way to follow up with them.

Watch This Video To See How Sales Funnels Can Work For Your Company!

But the Ecomm entrepreneurs who are having the most success?

They realize that that if they want to make it online, they can't sell from a flat shopping cart website.

And Neither Can You.
Instead, you need to take your shoppers by the hand, and walk them through each step of the sales process...
(just as if you were next to them in person)
It’s like a digital “funnel”, where your shoppers enter in at the top…
...and cash comes out the bottom.
You have seen it work for the TOP leaders in your niche...and you KNOW it will work for you.
This Is What We Call A
"Sales Funnel..."
    For you to be able to....
  • Generate consistent high-quality leads...
  • Turn new shoppers into actual BUYERS…
  • Actually make money so you can create a sustainable business...
You Need To Abandon Your 3rd Party Shopping Carts For Your Ecommerce Business To Survive...
    If you are hoping that shoppers will somehow find your online store, then you don’t have a solid business, and you won’t have the reliable monthly income that you want.
    The truth is, you can sell more products with consistency - AND actually make a profit.
    ...if it’s done the right way.
    In fact, using just ONE of our funnels, Jaime went from $0 to over $130,000 in revenue in just 6 weeks!
    Jaime generated over $130K in Ecommerce revenue in just 6 weeks with a ClickFunnels SALES FUNNEL!

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Here's How The Funnel
Game Is Played...
- Old Way -
ECommerce shop owners would spend $30-$50 a day in advertising on Facebook or Amazon.
When the user clicks to Amazon, they are shown your product, as well as ALL your competitors products. The prospect can get distracted and ends up buying the cheapest option.
Not only that, you have no way to collect their email or follow up with them once they pop off your page!
Not the best use of your advertising dollars, right?
If you operate your online store the old way, you’ll have a hard time making a profit.
- New Way -
With the new way of marketing Ecommerce products, you spend $30-$50 a day in advertising on Facebook and send them directly into a sales funnel.
Once in the funnel, you collect their email and they buy your product. (And, because you can control which pages they land on throughout your funnel, many will also pick up your upsells on their way out!)
So Here's The Critical Question...
If you knew that every time you spent $1 in advertising, you’d get $3 back… or $5… or $10...
...How Often Would
You Do That?
All day long, right?
Selling your physical products through an online sales funnel is no different…
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But The Problem Is...
How Do You Build A
Sales Funnel?
And How Do You Do It Without:
  • Hiring expensive programmers...
  • Trying to glue together 10+ systems...
  • Or spending a fortune...
Just To Create A Simple Sales Funnel?
If you’ve ever attempted to build an online sales funnel, you were probably FORCED into 1 of 2 options...
Option #1 - Hire a team of programmers
Option #2 - Attempt It Yourself
And no matter which option you choose, after all is said and done, you’ll either end up hiring out...or wishing you had.
The worst part? No matter which option you roll with, you’re stuck gluing together dozens of different pieces of software just to create ONE simple sales funnel...
"Have You Ever Felt Handcuffed
As An Entrepreneur...
Or Just Can't Seem To Put All The Right Pieces Together?"
You know what I'm talking about.

You get an idea for a new product that you'd like to sell...

You see the vision...
You know exactly what you need to do!

You know how this THING will change the world...
And Then...
You're Stuck...
Here's what's probably happening to you... (watch this video)
They Got You...
You don't know how to code.
You don't know how to design.
Yes, you're being held hostage by the tech people you hired to help you...
AND the money-trap of having to pay too much money for something you don't even know will work or not...
And yet, somehow, things that you think should be SO simple... things that should only take a few minutes...
Somehow become hours, and then days and then weeks.

With each passing day, your excitement for building your business gets dimmer and dimmer until one day it's gone...

Money wasted... time wasted... with little or nothing to show for it.
This Is The #1 Reason Why So
Many ECommerce
They either don’t have the right sales funnel in place to generate a true PROFIT on the products they sell...
Or they can’t get a sales funnel up and running at all.
  • What if you could FIRE your team of programmers, and take back the power in your own business?
  • What if you didn’t have to deal with learning a single line of code?
  • What if you could build and launch an entire sales funnel in just MINUTES, so that you can profitably sell more products, and expand your business?
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No Worries...
We Can Help You
Host & Build Your
Landing Page Or Sales Funnels
  • A landing page (3 sections Max.) for ($37) $27/month, with 2 Free Revisions
  • Or a Sales Funnel (2 steps or 2 pages) for only ($47)$37/month..
  • Connecting to a Payment Processing Gateway (option)...
  • Plus 4 extra bonuses (listed below this ection), that will save your time.
But Can I Build My Own ?
Ofcourse, but this option will cost you more, in return it gives you the freedom to change your site instantly by yourself (it makes sense to go for it only after validating your business idea).

We will share with you site/funnel sharing link, using it you can easily
install, host and modify your landing page on ClickFunnels.
Start Your Website Now
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Bonus #1:
Done For You Landing Page
We create for you a landing page (3 sections Max.) from any CF template of your choice within 48 hours.

Yes, This Page Was Built Using ClickFunnels. Unlike Other Competitors, We drink our own Kool-Aid.

Sample sites built with Click Funnels:
Sample Upsell page:
Sample Bridge page:
Sample Sales Funnels:

Bonus #2:
Email Auto-responder Setup
We help you set up your Email responder, and connect it to your landing page; any opt-in customer can receive specific email sequence of your choice. (Doesn't include any Email automation).

Email marketing will save you lot's of ad money. If you don't capture the emails of your page visitor's you are leaving a bunch of money on the table.

Bonus #3:
Ads Setup
We help you set up your first Facebook Ads campaign or Bing Ads campaign for your choice. (Doesn't include any image creation or video creation).

We aim here to put you on the track of earning money.

This will help you save lot's of money that you could lose just from try & error experiments.
Bonus #4:
$1 Consultation
We offer you a 1-month consultation (max. of 2 hours) for only $1 and starting the second month we charge you $47 for a max. 2 hours of consultation.
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